Why We Use Simulation

A Fun Learning Environment

Our business simulations create a competitive environment and an enjoyable way of learning core marketing concepts

Increased Retention

By putting key theoretical concepts into practice, participants are better able to retain the learnings than through traditional learning methods

Enhanced Teamwork

Students will be required to analyse and debate with their teammates concerning various issues. Together, teams must make decisions to stay ahead of the game

Real World Practice

Participants get hands-on experience with concepts based on solid mathematical models that mimic real-world environments

Better Employability

Our unique simulations prepare participants for the business world and help boost their chances of getting employed or improve their effectiveness at their current jobs

Trusted Globally

As industry pioneers, we have the trust of world-renowned institutions and organizations across the globe who have been using our business simulations software for over 30 years

Our Methodology

  • BOOST was established in 2013, and has been operating regionally and internationally since its inception
  • BOOST leading-edge training courses provide business professionals the skills they need to develop their competency, improve their performance, and drive business success
  • Our talented team of international instructors have exceptional credentials complemented by practical, real-world experience.
  • To date, we have successfully delivered training courses throughout the Middle East as well as North America, Asia, Europe and Africa, and continue to grow each year, building on our success and in-depth knowledge of the needs of our clients.
  • HIGHLY DYNAMIC Boost for Training and Consulting is a highly dynamic, competent, passionate, fast growing learning & development organization
  • EXPERIENTIAL providing inspirational, innovative & experiential corporate training solutions, team building activities
  • SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS Ever since the firm was founded, Excellence, in one form or another, was part of its credo. The prospect of doing a good job might help a company climb the success ladder but it won’t keep the company ‘up there’. For success to be sustainable, it needs to be built on Excellence. Whether it is the promptness with which we respond to our clients, or the engaging environment we create in our training programs, we strive for Excellence in everything we do.